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Tips for Intersex/Transgender Inclusion

Naming all the Parts by Kate Bornstein

Intersexuality Basics, a handout (141kb PDF)
This eight page document has proven excellent for introducing people to intersexuality in group settings or when left in public places.

Benjamin Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders (185kb PDF)
The most commonly used document by the medical industry in treating transgender people.

Transgender Equality: A Handbook for Activists and Policy Makers (527kb PDF)
An excellent, 104 page document produced by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Healthy People 2010 Companion Document on LGBT Health (2,954kb PDF)
A free 488 page document about the health needs of multicultural LGBT communities and recommendations to address these needs. Available on CDROM from the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association.

Transsexual's Children, study by R. Green

10 Most Damaging Myths about TransMen


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