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What I.T. means: Since the first IT girl in 1927, Hollywood has defined IT as those intagible qualities of sex appeal and charisma that make a star truly bankable. As intersexed and transgender people, we have all been called IT behind our backs, as a negative label. Ironically enough, intersexed and transgendered abbreviates to I.T. So, we've taken Hollywood's spin on IT and made IT our own, positive statement. What does IT mean to you? If you've suffered being called IT, how can we turn this term around and make it a positive, beautiful thing for us? Send us your thoughts.


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Some basic definitions

Someone born with both or ambiguous genitalia and/or chromosomes.


Someone who does not conform to stereotypical masculine or feminine behavior or appearance.


A male or female who spiritually feels they were born in the wrong body and seeks medical help to change their body to match their spirit.


Someone who appears to have no gender-defining characteristics.

Gender-Variant or Third-Gender

Someone who is either intersexed or transgender and who physically or spiritually exists as both genders simultaneously.

More definitons can be found in our glossary exists to provide resources and build a safer and more educated environment in mainstream society for intersexed and transgendered people.